义乌东阳通明环氧工厂地上地坪划线 How to apply the spray gun?Use the gun, to let the compression air channel opening to make the paint nozzle channel opening, so first with the index finger tightened on the trigger, coating of the compressed air can from the nozzle in spray coverage to the surface. When the trigger is released, the compressed air channel is blocked, the paint will stop spraying. safety protectionPVC floor injection passivation process, so that the product surface without pores, so that dirt can not penetrate deep inside. The antibacterial properties provide permanent sterilization and antibacterial treatment to prevent the propagation of microorganisms in the floor and outside. PVC floor uses multi-layer structure, the use of reasonable coefficient of friction, as well as the clever dispersion of walking pressure and shock absorption performance, to ensure the safety of walking. At the top of the wear-resistant layer structure design more highlights the advantages of multi layer structure, containing glass fiber reinforced layer, to ensure that the size of permanent stability, and to ensure that the floor is not deformed, not damaged. At the same time, the elastic buffer of the foam layer structure can avoid the abrasion caused by the fall of the patient. Good practicability and high cost performance, especially suitable for large area in the lobby and corridor. Contact: 4oo-o7o9-91oVision therapyThe floor is a member of the hospital environment. PVC flexible floor colors, particles, spots or design of the pattern so that the color collocation layered. For example, in the childrens room, PVC floor clever color collocation, virtually eliminating the psychological resistance of the child to the hospital, played the role of visual treatment. Widely used in foreign hospitals PVC floor, PVC floor with classical ceramic color, elegant wood patterns, natural colors of granite and other colors and design graphics. The use of the patent circular edge design, which can be used in the edge of the ground, corner of the wall, but also applicable to the circular ground, with unlimited play space. Both membrane and facilitate the laying of the elastic bulk, its relatively thin thickness and good sound insulation and heat insulation performance, can be directly used for stone, ceramics, wood, such as old base layer, it is the choice of hospital construction.PVC floors of different quality products in the practical application will reflect the obvious difference. To wear, for example, excellent wear-resistant quality to reduce waxing, cleaning and maintenance frequency, reduce the cost of the cycle of maintenance. Attached to the surface of polyurethane topcoat is waterproof, chemical corrosion resistance and dimensional stability, with strong wear resistant transparent PVC cover, greatly simplifying the use cycle cumbersome maintenance procedures, very suitable for the use of hospitals and other high traffic areas requirements. Therefore, in the purchase of consumers not only focus on i妹妹ediate investment, but also “prospective” to “Retrospection” maintenance expenditure.Want to change the shape and the paint spraying flow only need adjustment gun head side of the auxiliary air channel and nozzle of different locations can be.After the use of the spray gun to be promptly cleaned. You can use paint thinner into irrigation, pulling the trigger, the solvent from the muzzle to clean the paint line. If the air hole is blocked, it is needed to clear the air.How to choose the spray gun?In order to make the paint can be very good attached to the ground, in the choice of the gun, we should pay attention to the size of the nozzle. In general, for relatively low viscosity coatings, selection of nozzle diameter of 1 ~ 1.5妹妹; for the higher viscosity of the coatings can be use nozzle caliber for 2 ~ 3妹妹; putty, using a nozzle diameter 35; if the spray area is relatively small can nozzle diameter 1 ~ 1.5妹妹; spraying large areas can use nozzle caliber 2.5~3妹妹; if coating is patterns, text selection 0.2~1.2妹妹 of.怎样适用喷枪? 应用

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